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How to Scale Your WordPress Website Management?

There is no doubt that WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world because of its scalability or elasticity. Thus, it will be better to focus on themes, plugins and customizations, sufficiently scalable hosting and various other factors related to the individual WordPress web development Services.

Here are some significant steps while scaling up or gearing your WordPress instance to throttle up in enhancing the traffic. Let’s have a look:


Wordpress Website Management


  • Code practices—Include clean codes and try to make it free from errors and unnecessary bloat to avoid hanging processes that hinder your website access and resources.
  • Caching— A Full Page Caching (FPC) solution is essential to save entirely generated web pages for an efficient performance relevant to web visitor’s browser as well as significant reductions in dramatically reduces processing time and database calls as well as API hits.
  • Content delivery management— Introduce Content Delivery Network (CDN) like Cloud flare to distribute copies of files, images, across an “edge network” of servers, cut down resources relevant to hosting environment and offer security, resilience, and speed benefits.
  • Security— Include web application development firewalling, intrusion detection, and malware scanning solutions for your site in a secure way to identify vulnerabilities and risks.
  • Search Indexing— Utilize WordPress’s built-in site-search feature for a bottleneck experience for a perfect scaling up whenever required. 
  • Integrating— Be aware while choosing your integrations as it potentially participates in scaling up your WordPress website and eradicating the obstacles that hold back your website. 
  • Disk Space— Rely on hard disk space to provide enough space to compile your cache or address other essential server functions to spike up your WordPress website. 
  • Database optimization— Choose a robust and well-optimized database like MySQL or Maria DB with proper sizing and configuration to minimize the chances of weak links in your scalability chain.
  • Horizontal Architecture— Apart from CPU and RAM, involve load-balancing servers as that play vital role in auto-scaling your website ”horizontally” by spinning up more web nodes as per the requirements. 
  • Vertical Scalability— Involve public clouds for vertical scalability as it allocates additional resources to your server and connects more CPU cores and RAM.

Therefore, Ellocent Labs provides comprehensive WordPress Website Development Services management by a knowledgeable team of WordPress developers and experts. They actively participate in regular maintenance, take care of core, plugin and theme updates from time-to-time to manage your business and satisfy your clients meeting all their parameters.


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