Machine learning: Why is it important for everyone to know?

Machine learning: Why is it important for everyone to know?

We live in the digital realm, where artificial intelligence and other technologies are disrupting the various industries’ verticals. Thanks to advancement in technology, people have now become more productive, healthier by accessing useful information. 

These days, machine learning is the new innovative and trending technology. You must be amazed to find out that an industry leader claims that a sibling of artificial intelligence is ushering in the new phase of the industrial revolution. 

Yeah, you read it, right? Sibling- because ML is the application of AI, widely implemented by taking the Artificial intelligence development services from the reputed companies. and Also, it has become the hottest topic of discussion among the C-suite. If you are a newbie, this post is just for you. The information that we will share with you will help you to dip your toes in machine learning. So, are you ready to enter into the deeply fascinated world of Machine Learning?

Artificial intelligence and other disruptive technologies are spreading their wings in different domains of the world, and ML-a new emerging technology is one of them. Apart from this, various industries have the potential to understand this technology for unleashing its power.

But audiences who are new to this buzzword AI and ML, which they keep on listening to everywhere like on their TV, Mobile apps, websites, and even at social discussions can find it really exciting. So, let’s first understand the meaning of this new technology. 

1. Machine Learning

As the name suggests, it’s a process that allows the system to automatically learn and improve from their past experiences without explicitly coding or being programmed. Which means it doesn’t require human intervention at all.

Are you familiar with this? Arthur Samuel was the one who came up with the first phrase, “Machine learning.”

Let’s understand it more deeply with an example:

2. For Instance

 If your credit card is misplaced and someone finds it and tries to withdraw money from your account, an email or text message is sent to you for your awareness. If you don’t verify it, then the bank considers this activity under suspicious activity. But how is it possible? You must be thinking about it, right?

Then this new technology comes under the limelight because, with its implementation, the bank’s machine algorithm understands the transaction history. Therefore, when it encounters any abnormal activity from the regular one, it informs the bank and the respective account holder about it.

3. Significance

 Without any single doubt, there is ample data available, so if it is used in an organized and more systematic manner, it can increase the user experience. That’s why machine learning is becoming a trend.

Besides this, it gives the industries a view about the ongoing trends followed by the customers. In simple terms, it helps to determine the customer behavior pattern, and on that basis, it gives the possible outcomes. 

The big companies such as Facebook, Google, Uber are already implementing this technology in their working zone, so why is your business lagging.?

4.  The future Market Prediction

 Without any single thought, the future of this technology is exceptionally exciting; that’s why more industries are giving a thought to implement it. Do you know that this technology is behind your favorite Netflix series recommendation?

With the advancement in technology, more industries are inclining towards implementing this technology. And as per study reports, the global machine learning market is predicted to grow more from $8.43 billion in 2019 to $117.19 billion by 2027.

This technology has the potential to give more accurate predictions and results; that’s why in the year 2020, $3.1 billion in funding was raised for machine learning companies. The innovation in technology keeps on increasing the living standard of the people.

5. Unleash the future potential with its Benefits

Beyond any doubt, the implementation of ML in various industry domains points towards its amazing benefits. Therefore, it’s better to take a look at some of its benefits.

  • Provide accurate results for search engines

Provide accurate results for search enginesThe foremost thing to notice about it is that, based on past experience, this technology successfully delivers accurately predicted results without much needed human intervention. When you want to search for an article on the search engine, then the search engine ranking factor of the website decides which website content can be given to you. because you are not aware of the published content as an ample amount of data is available on the internet. The ML technique has an outstanding impact on the search engine.

The search engine will be far better in providing the user experience and the hosting experience in the upcoming years.

  • Easily & Quickly Identify Patterns and Trends

The main advantage of machine learning is its intelligence in identifying the patterns and trends that sometimes are not apparent to humans by analyzing the large volume of data. 

Let’s understand with an example.

We all are the constant online buyers of Amazon- an e-commerce website, where the ML algorithm understands the browsing pattern, needs, interest of the audience and then show the more likely product to them like similar products, recommendation, deals and reminders that attract the user’s attention and finally pushes them into the different stages of sales funnel.

  • Ahh, Finally Got a Break from Human Intervention

Artificial intelligence with its subfield has reduced the constant requirement of innate human intelligence.

That means there is no need to babysit the project because ML is all about intelligence. So in this whole scenario, the machine can learn, predict after analyzing the data, and then improve their algorithm on their own. 

  • Continuous Improvement is the Key

When we talk about this new buzzing technology, it requires continuous improvement to predict better results, outcomes, and possibilities.

So, have you reached it so far? Keep on reading to find out more about this fascinating world.

The algorithm is capable of learning more when more data is provided to it. The model’s accuracy and efficiency improve with subsequent data. Moreover, when they keep on gaining experience, they keep improving their efficiency and decision-making power.

  • Capable of Handling Multi-Dimensional Data

The ML algorithm is good in handling multidimensional and multi-variety data; due to this, it is used in various applications like defence to education. It helps to deliver a much more personalized user experience paralleling targeting the right audience. Apart from all this, do you know it can do email spam filtering, GPS tracking for traffic, spell check and correction?

6. Drawbacks of Machine Learning

So far, we have taken a look at some of its plus points that surely increase the demand for this new innovative technology. But, you should always remember that there is not a single technology that doesn’t have the pitfalls. So let’s move further and explore its negative points.

  • Data Acquisition

 As we know, data acquisition in large amounts is a long process. Thus the data collection always comes with a cost which means the data is collected through the surveys. Which leads to a high probability of improper or fake data. Which results in the error, and the possibility of giving the appropriate outcomes is reduced. So these types of reasons make data acquisition a big task.

  • Error-Prone

If you have a computer science background, then you must be familiar with the concept of GIGO. So, take a pause and comment on your answer in the comment section.

Here is the answer for those who are not familiar with it. GIGO stands for the Garbage in, Garbage out. It means if you send the wrong or manipulated data to the machine at the time of training, you will receive the poor quality of data as its possible outcomes. 

Thus, sometimes it’s possible that the machine algorithm shows the inappropriate recommendation to the audience, which is not related to their search history or pattern.

  • Time-Consuming

The machine learning process is time consuming more than expected, especially if the massive amount of data is available, then the time taken by the machine for analyzing the data keeps on increasing. Thus this is a huge drawback of this technology.


These days, Machine Learning is used to make more realistic predictions and forecasts, identify all the data appropriately, spelling checking, image checking and many more. It’s a branch of AI. There is no doubt if we conclude that ML and AI are both complicated domains to work on. But, with the above-mentioned information, now you all have the knowledge about this domain, and you are ready to start making up your mind whether you should go into this field as your career option or not. Besides this, if you are not thinking like this, you can enhance your knowledge because we have shared almost everything in this post, related to this trending and buzzing technology.

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Promising Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in the Education Industry

Promising Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in the Education Industry?


There was a time when people encountered artificial intelligence in only science fiction films, but nobody has thought about experiencing AI in real life. However, with the introduction of Siri, Google Analytics, and Alexa, people have welcomed this technology with open arms into their lives. These examples are just the beginning of a new possible AI technology era. With time, we are expecting to see more AI-based technologies by taking the more Artificial Intelligence Development Services in various industries. The day is not far when this technology becomes a mainstream technology. 

There is not even a single industry vertical that has not been touched by artificial intelligence, so how the education industry was not affected by this? If you desire to step into the Education industry with your AI-based platform, you can hire a remote based AI developers team for it. Thus the future of the education department is deeply connected with this technology. Due to this reason, the storm clouds are headed on the teacher’s job. Besides this, there is always a debate ongoing on up-to which extent the AI will replace the teacher’s job.

If we look at stats then, AI in the US education system is smoothly continuing, which means it is expected to grow by 47.5% by 2021. So, today in this article, we will explore some of the glimpses of implementing AI technology in the education industry. So, let’s get started without any further ado.

1. Increased Interaction Between Teacher and Students:

AI communication tool helps increase the interaction between teacher and students. It means the students who are not bold enough to ask a question directly from the teacher in front of the other students can easily ask any query via this tool. 

On the other hand, the teacher can give detailed information while clearing their doubt because there might be the possibility that the teachers are bound by the time constraints in the classroom. Besides this, the teacher can motivate their weak students without any time limit via this amazing tool.

2. Assist in Grading: 

We all know that, from many ages, teachers’ profile is not restricted to the teaching job only. They have to manage the administrative task; also they have to study about the next lecture, and in addition to this they have to check the exam sheets of the students. So think about it, if AI-based technology helps in grading, how much time they have left. In our opinion, a good amount of time can teach more by preparing themselves for the upcoming lectures or focusing more on their weak students. Besides this, this technology is also spreading its wings in other various artificial Intelligence sectors like- Health Care industry, Space Exploration, and many others. 

3. Emphasis on More Individualized Learning:

Teachers and parents need to give proper attention to their kids in their childhood time because this is a time when their base is built up. If their foundation is strong, they can only face the upcoming challenges in their respective education field. So, the use of digital platforms which implement this technology can help the students in learning, and on that basis, proper testing and feedback is given to individual students.  

Besides this, these courses are available for small kids to younger generations and based on their performance; they will redirect to the next topic at the appropriate time. So, this technology helps in providing a more personalized learning environment to the students. But, all this information is accessible through devices like mobile apps or websites. If some of you have the great idea based on AI technology app then you can take the Mobile App Development Services

4. Smart Content is the New Trend:

By the foot of AI technology in the Education industry, the student’s learning experience is on another level. In some countries, schools have transformed their classrooms into smart classrooms. AI-based technology makes the learning process more simple and interesting. By taking the Artificial intelligence development Services, any business can become the owner of an AI-based platform. AI facilitates the students by breaking down the textbook content into a more interactive manner and digital content. Smart content is quite popular in some countries where it creates comprehensive content by summarizing the significant points in the form of videos and audio.

5. Alerting the Teachers about Wrong Answer Submission:

You must be amazed to know that AI-based technology helps find the incorrect answer submitted by the students for a particular assignment. The respective subject teacher is alerted by the system when many students submit the wrong answer. Then, in that case, the teacher improves the hints of a respective questionnaire so that the next students will provide the correct answer. 

6. Bestow the Students with a Virtual Learning Environment:

AI-based technology helps to create a more interactive and student-friendly virtual learning environment by digitizing the textbooks and giving the freedom to students to access the chapters anytime, anywhere from the device. This method is effective for those students who are disabled or unable to attend the classroom. Apart from all this, you can hire a company which provides the efficient Web Development Services and turn your rough idea into a great website.

7. Helping Hand of Parents:

Sometimes the students need much attention from teachers as well as from their parents. But, due to the busy schedule of parents, they don’t have enough time for their children. In that case, AI-based platforms provide the helping hand to parents, especially in the case of mathematics. In most cases, parents often find themselves in the struggle while solving the algebra questions for them. So, in that case, this AI-enabled platform becomes the outside class for the students as well.

8.Teachers Can Update Themselves:

The AI-based technology platform is not only serving the purpose of educating the students. But, it is also helpful in teaching the teachers. If the teachers are not updated with the education, then what’s of its use? So, this platform provides comprehensive information for the teachers, which is available for them at any time. They can update themselves by learning a new foreign language or research some interesting topics for better understanding to teach the students more accurately.

Bonus Information:

Do you know that some Chinese institutions use the facial recognition method, which replaces the need for an identity card. It means now there is no need to carry the ID card while taking lunch or taking a book from the library. Apart from all these, AI technology has changed the study standards of the students because now the students can get a more personalized study experience. Moreover, various AI-based educational platforms are available for students and teachers, such as Thinkster Math, MATHiau, oddizzi, Brainly etc. 

Suppose you have an idea of creating an educational app but don’t know how to develop it. Then you can hire the professional Ellocent Labs IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Artificial Intelligence Company which additionally provides some other services like Cloud services, Progressive Web App Development, Internet of Things and many more. We have a large talent pool of developers and designers who passionately develop AI apps for diverse businesses.

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New Intelligent World of 2021 – AI Apps

New Intelligent World of 2021 – AI Apps

Do you know why there is always a need to follow all the digital trends of the markets?

The answer is due to fierce competition. So, this situation prompts every business to follow all the directions to stay ahead of the pack.

The next query that starts pondering around your head is how the business can accomplish this?

The simple answer for this thought is to invest in Artificial Intelligence Development Services. There is no shadow of doubt in it that AI is taking the world by storm. It’s a thrilling technology that has an ample number of industries where this technology is implemented. That day is not far when this technology will revolutionize the world for betterment.

But do you ever pay attention to how the AI apps impact the life of lay people?

There are around 3.8 billion smartphone users globally, which implies that a person can never imagine his life without his mobile phone. If, in any case, they do not use smartphones, then definitely they will feel that they are cutting themselves from the technology.

The invention of smartphones has changed our communication medium and now with additional features they become the source of entertainment, work, and many more. But how? 

Due to the irresistible apps that come up with interactive in-build features that will serve the purpose both at the personal and professional levels.

Global Market for AI:

It’s a trending technology that’s continuously increasing; as a result, various sectors are also not lacking behind in grabbing the opportunity for implementing this technology. Thus AI has become a rapidly growing market at the global level.


Global Market for AI

Source: devaTeam

This bar graph clearly states that the global market of AI will keep on increasing. In the year 2016, it is below $5,000 million, then in the year 2024, it is between $25,000 to $30,000 million and so on.

In this article, we have rounded up the five AI applications worth keeping an eye on. So, let’s read about them and enhance our ocean of knowledge.

1. Sneak Peek into the World of Intelligence Apps:

 These days, almost every sector is on the path of implementing AI technology, for instance – the Healthcare industry, Agriculture industry, space exploration, cybersecurity, and many more. So, here we are going to shed some light on the list of AI apps which are created by different developers depending upon their business needs. 

Our list includes those AI apps that are created by the giant or trend-setting company or also those apps that are recently popular among the audience in less span. So here we go:

2. Alexa- Voice Assistant Partner: 

Alexa is a virtual assistant AI technology. We are very sure that you all must have heard about Alexa, which is famous by the name of amazon Alexa. Or also, there could be a possibility that you are sharing your home with this new technology for performing various tasks such as setting up the alarm, playing music, etc.

Alexa- Voice Assistant Partner

Do you know with whom it was first used? The answer is- it was first used with Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot smart speakers, but now this voice search technology makes our life so simple and interesting, is also available for Android or IOS, etc.

The voice recognition feature makes it more interesting because many devices with Alexa can be activated by calling it Alexa. In contrast, some of the devices require you to press the button. Besides this, these days, this exciting app is also used on Tv by connecting with the fire stick, and then you are good to go for using it.

Moreover, you can ask any question from Alexa by using your voice.


You must have seen some exciting and engaging ads on the Tv that show how the voice command to Alexa can help your task? It can play the songs for you, turn on and off the lights for you, etc. We must say it is the most exciting app so far in terms of using AI technology.


This amazon Alexa offers us a list of some fantastic features like call making, messaging, audio streaming, alarm, and reminder setting, etc.

3. Elsa Speak- English Coach: 

ELSA stands for:- 

E- English

L- Language

S- Speech

A- Assistant

 It is an educational app which helps the beginner in learning the English language.

Elsa Speak- English Coach

But do you know who invented such a fantastic app?

Vu van and Co-founder Xavier Anguera invented this app for those who couldn’t speak like natives due to their pronunciation. 

Vu van and Co-founder Xavier Anguera

If you are feeling anxious and hesitant while speaking English or if you want to speak with an American accent, then Elsa speak app is the best way for you to hold the command over the English language.

It is a bot-aided English speaking coach that helps the learner speak in the English language without making any pronunciation errors. This app uses voice recognition technology to listen to learner’s accents. Then, measuring the quality of pronunciation can give the results in red, yellow, and green color as per the rules of American English Pronunciation.

This AI-Powered application is present for both android and iOS platforms. Like any other app, this app also offers a seven-day free trial, and after that, you have to switch to the ELSAPro.

Interesting Features:

Lessons, Vocabulary, personalized practice curriculum, progress tracking, etc.

4. Google Assistant: Your True Google Partner–

This AI-enabled app was launched in 2016. It is considered one of the most advanced virtual assistants for android phones; that’s why Google has successfully made significant strides.

Google successfully provides these virtual assistant services for various devices like smartphones, fridges, headphones, cars, etc., by entering into a partnership with different companies. 

Google Assistant: Your True Google Partner

  • The Google assistant AI supports both voice and text entry. Furthermore, it provides some top of the world services like 
  • voice search, 
  • voice commands, 
  • voice-activated device control
  • Sending reminders 
  • Translating in real-time
  • finding a particular online product and many more.
Advertisement Instance:

You must have seen the recent advertisement on your TV about Google assistant. The male protagonist tells their family members to ask anything from Google by giving the voice command, and they all are surprised by this amazing feature. 

Who knows, one day, we get a helping hand in performing the small task by just giving the voice command.

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voice command, ask anything from Google by giving the voice command.

5. Siri- Your Digital Partner:

It’s no secret that the trend of digital has changed how we live our lives every day. That’s why our dependency on digital technology keeps on escalating. It means the use of virtual assistants is also in the top trends. Here, we talk about Siri- a virtual assistant offered by Apple, and we know that this amazing AI app doesn’t need any introduction.

Siri- Your Digital Partner

The apple user can give the voice command. Then it will make calls, send messages, ask any query, give you the appropriate recommendations, etc., but for all these things, you must be very sure that the device is connected to the internet.


It can post on Twitter or Facebook, search for tweets, location-based reminders, can do the math, remembers the relation by saving your vital information, and many more.

6. Viola: AI Artist App: 

Wide eyes and soft-featured faces have been booming up all over social media. If you are the person who loves to be active on your social media like Snapchat, Facebook then we are 100% sure that you must be in love with this new feature.

Furthermore, you must have heard about the Tik Tok app, which has a vast audience base, and recently they introduced the “Disney Look” trend.

Viola: AI Artist App


But, if you are not comfortable using the feature of snapchat or other social media, then Viola is just the perfect click for you.

It basically is a photo editor app for iOS and Android. This app is indeed based on AI technology, which changes your selfie look into the cartoon look.


If we talk about it overall, then this amazing app comes with the three most exciting filters:

  • 3D Cartoon
  • Royalty 3D
  • Baby 3D
  • The user can combine the options in a collage too.

Let’s Sum it Up:

In the current scenario, we can see the impact of AI technology on everybody’s life. Due to this reason, more people jump into the race of integrating the AI app into their life for performing and remembering some essential tasks of day-to-day activities.

Furthermore, these apps play an integral role in achieving the goal of the organization like

  • They can provide the more interactive user interface
  • They can analyze the nitty-gritty of the user behavior and then use that data in delivering the improved services.
  • Puts their efforts into handling the security issues.

So, we can see how everybody’s life has become more simple and exciting by just adding the perfect hint of intelligent technology.

We Are Here For You:

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Attention: Top 5 Trending Artificial Intelligence Sectors 2021

Artificial intelligence is the trending technology that keeps on soaring day by day, in spite of pandemic. Still, there is no doubt that many sectors already benefit from implementing this technology in their workspace.

In September 2019, IDC predicted that the spending on AI would grow to $97.9 billion by 2023. 

This massive investment in AI indicates that major parts of the world’s sectors are embracing this technology. It means AI has significantly increased from over the last years, which is why it is found in the maximum business sector. But do you know the prominent cause behind its increasing popularity? And from where you can take the Artificial Intelligence Development Services.

Because it replaces the repetitive task done by the human being. For better understanding, let’s dive straight into the article and understand in which working areas AI is implemented.

But, first, do you know what artificial intelligence is?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by computer machines. In other words, it’s a branch of computer science for building intelligent machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions.

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Top Artificial Intelligence Sectors: 

Due to its capability of thinking and performing actions like human beings, its popularity keeps on escalating, and that’s why you don’t find any sector where this technology hasn’t set foot yet. It helps in efficiently solving complex problems. So following are the fields where we can find the implementation of this technology in full swing. So, let’s read about it:

#Helps in Navigation & Automotive Industry

#AI In Healthcare industry

#AI Application in Agriculture

#AI In Space Exploration

#AI Implementation in Cyber Security

1. Helps in Navigation & Automotive Industry:
  • AI-based GPS technology helps the users in navigation, but how? The convolutional Neural Network and Graph Neural Network help detect the number of lanes, traffic, road types, obstructions, etc. The implementation of this technology makes life and functions easier.
  • Example:  Many logistics companies efficiently use this technology for operating at its best by analyzing the traffic, routes, etc.
  • Some automotive industries provide virtual assistance to their users for better performance. Besides this, many countries are working towards developing self-driving cars, which means that AI will replace the driver’s job in the upcoming years.
  • According to alliedmarketresearch the global automotive artificial intelligence market is expected to reach $8887.6 million by 2025.
2. AI In Healthcare industry:
  • The Healthcare industry is another field where AI is used exceptionally well. From the last five to ten years, it has had a significant impact on the healthcare industry.
  • With this technology, intelligence machines can be built, which helps diagnose cancer cells and other diseases. 
  • The AI-associated healthcare market is expected to grow rapidly and reach USD 6.6 billion by the year 2021, which is corresponding to a 40% compound annual growth rate. 
  • It can help early detection of chronic conditions with the doctors so that the proper medication is provided to the patient before his health worsens.
  • Besides this, if you are looking for POS software for your hospital, the Custom POS Software Development Company can do the needful.


Source: heartcareitnews

  • When AI is used with the combination of historical data and medical history, then it is beneficial in forming the new medical drugs.

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3. AI Application in Agriculture:

You must be amazed by reading that AI has also expanded its reach in the agriculture field. Do you all know that by the end of 2050, we will need to produce more food because of the increasing demand and wastage of food?

  • So, the next question that must start clicking in your head is, what’s the solution for this?
  • The answer is, we have to use our resources carefully. Here comes the AI into the picture; with the help of this technology, farmers will get more from the land while carefully utilizing the present resources.
  • The wastage of food, crops getting damaged by weeds, etc., are the main rising concerns that have pushed the innovators to think about the techniques that will help increase the soil’s productivity.
  • Various organizations are working on using robotics and automation that will help the farmer protect their crop from weeds, insects, etc.
  • As per the marketsandmarkets, the AI in the agriculture sector is expected to grow from an estimated USD 1.0 billion in 2020 to USD 4.0 billion by 2026.

Source: Marketsandmarkets

  • Example: Plantix is an application that identifies the deficiencies of nutrients and minerals in the soil through images. This app is developed by the Berlin-based agriculture tech startup called PEAT.
4) AI In Space Exploration:

There was a time when space was a mystery for everyone, but now, the technology is thriving at lightning speed, due to this our scientist is successful in getting valuable information from the universe.

  • With the AI and ML( Machine Learning) introduction, scientists are developing the AI-based assistant (Robot), which assists the astronauts in their mission to Mars, Moon & other solar system planets.
  • In 2018, with Intel’s assistance, NASA developed an AI system that helped astronauts find their way on the planets. Does this incident ring any bells? 
  • Do you remember that NASA uses AI for its rover mission to Mars, the Mars 2020 Rover?
  • Besides this, Space expeditions and discoveries are always needed to analyze the massive amount of data, which the AI and ML efficiently do by processing the data. 
5. AI In Space Exploration:

There was a time when space was a mystery for everyone, but now, the technology is thriving at lightning speed, due to this our scientist is successful in getting valuable information from the universe.

  • With the AI and ML( Machine Learning) introduction, scientists are developing the AI-based assistant (Robot), which assists the astronauts in their mission to Mars, Moon & other solar system planets.
  • In 2018, with Intel’s assistance, NASA developed an AI system that helped astronauts find their way on the planets. Does this incident ring any bells? 
  • Do you remember that NASA uses AI for its rover mission to Mars, the Mars 2020 Rover?
  • Besides this, Space expeditions and discoveries are always needed to analyze the massive amount of data, which the AI and ML efficiently do by processing the data.
6. AI Implementation in Cyber Security:

When technology has stepped into the world, it was the beginning of a new technology era that we named a digital age. Due to this reason, we spend most of our time using technology. But, unfortunately, this means all the crucial or confidential data of every user or even big organization is at its stake; that’s why the cases of cyber-attack are soaring day by day.

  • Many reports state that hackers are infiltrating large companies and stealing consumers’ confidential information.
  • This attack also rises in 2021; sometimes, the hackers lock the computer and demand the ransom.
  • But with the AI algorithm, it can suspect any suspicious activity, which results in either alerting the user or stop the attacker from going further.
  • As per the marketsandmarkets, AI in the cybersecurity field is expected to reach USD 38.2 billion by 2026.


Source: Marketsandmarkets

This bar graph depicts AI implementation in various countries with the time like North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and RoW( Rest of the world).


AI technology is making a significant impact in various industries with its efficiencies. It can explore the far reaches of space, intelligent decision-making power, helps in autonomous vehicles by being capable of making critical decisions based on the current traffic on the roads.

Other than this, it is also used in the healthcare sector, IT sector, Marketing, social media, and some other sectors. So we hope this piece of information will prove beneficial for you!!

We Are Here For You:

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How Does the Implementation of IoT Secure Your Business?

How Does the Implementation of IoT Secure Your Business?

In this digitized world, technology has become the essential part of our lives. Today an ordinary person uses the technology via any medium, be it a mobile phone, tab, etc. Due to its availability, electronic gadgets have become a part of our family.

There is no doubt that digital transformation helps the business to expand its reach on the digital platform among online users. Internet of things(IoT) also becomes the significant part of businesses, which signifies the importance of taking the IoT App Development Services Companies.

Let’s first dive into the pool of IoT for a better understanding.

You must be familiar with smartwatches; even some fitness freaks use them to make themselves fit and fine. These smartwatches track each step we take. Similarly, smartphones know our location where we are.

Smart watch

IoT stands for the Internet of things, and it works to give an insight into the process when used in the business. These days, some businesses are ready to take the first step in the world of IoT or some have already taken this important step.

If the company still doesn’t hasten to implement the IoT, there is a high probability of lagging behind the tech-savvy competitors.

One of the studies finds out that, in the year 2015, there were around 15.4 billion connected devices. Intel predicts that at the end of 2020, there will be an estimated 200 billion connected devices. Furthermore, for 2021 total business spending on IoT solutions will reach approximately $6 trillion.

In this article, we will discover how the IoT helps to secure your business.

Focus on Improving the Customer Experience:

There is always a need to keep a constant check on the customer’s requirements. So you must try to figure out ways for increasing the customer’s experience. You can take inspiration from this example: one of the kid’s famous place has tried the technique to know about its customer’s behavior and requirements. They allow their visitors to tie the magic band, which has a range of upto 40 feet in every direction. With this powerful strategy, they can know what the visitor wants to explore, how much time they have spent in the waiting queue, how many of them take the rides, etc. With this IOT technology, they can get an answer to all these questions with deep contentment. You can try this strategy so that you can secure your business in fierce competition.

According to i-SCOOP, there was an estimation that IoT endpoint is forecasting to reaching 5.8 billion endpoints, which was an estimated increase of 21% from the previous year 2019.

The fastest-growing sector in terms of IoT implementation are-Building automation, automotive and healthcare. In addition to this, the second largest user of IoT is physical security, and then third is government and son on.

Source: heimdalsecurity

So, these are some of the sectors which are implementing this technology to upscale their business.

Keep Your Customers Updated:

These days, almost everyone wants to avoid the problem of going off outside due to pandemic. Therefore, people are more inclining towards the online shopping trend. So, you must be wondering how you will use the IoT in it.? By implementing it, you will be able to give up-to-the-minute information about your services or new launches to valuable customers. Furthermore, you all must have listened to artificial intelligence, so by taking the services of Artificial Intelligence Development Company, you can touch the heights of the sky.

With IoT technology, the customer can know the status of his parcel. In addition to this, if the packages are tagged with sensors, the customer will be able to track the route of his delivery parcel through a mobile app by following the trackable link from the retailer’s website.

Impact on Decision Making:

IoT is used to give the insight view of the business, which ultimately helps in decision making. The app based on these technologies helps in monitoring the various types of a business process. Let’s consider an example- if the business employs the IoT sensors on the employees working equipment, then the top management can get the every minute update because the data is stored in the cloud. The managers can access the data anytime via mobile apps from any devices. After detailed analysis, they will be able to decide on the improvement of the business. With this information, they will be able to riddle out where they lack behind.

In a Nutshell:

We have seen that the number of devices connected to the internet keeps rising every year, which indicates the significance of IoT technology in the business world. It has changed the whole scenario of doing the business. So, if it’s always best to embrace the new technology and remain ahead of the pack, please note this, never give a small chance to your competitor to win the race. So, be wise and choose this technology for your business to survive in the upcoming years.

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