How does Digital Marketing hold the Upper Hand Over Traditional Marketing?

How does Digital Marketing hold the Upper Hand Over Traditional Marketing?

When you have the market budget for creating brand awareness, you must spend it in the right direction to get the best possible result from it. But, sometimes business owners are often confused between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing regarding spending their bucks. 

The debate on both marketing strategies is never-ending because some companies use both the services or stick to only one particular way of marketing, be it traditional or hiring Professional Digital Marketers. But, in this digital realm, the digital marketing trend holds the upper hand in creating brand awareness at a much low cost. 

Moreover, in 2020, when the Covid 19 pandemic hit the world, online work gained more momentum. Due to this reason, many businesses, including small or startup businesses, have adopted digital marketing for their business.

In this article, we will explore how digital marketing is better than traditional marketing. So, let’s dive into it:

1. About:

Digital Marketing:

Business marketing is about picking the right marketing strategy to reach out to the maximum user and then convert the potential user into customers or leads.

These days, digital marketing is steadily gaining an edge. But, first, it’s better to understand what digital marketing is?

This type of marketing involves the use of online mediums to spread brand awareness. It can be done through social media channels, website creation, by running the ads, PPC, email marketing, video content etc. It is one of the best ways to marketing your products or services without spending a buck.

Traditional Marketing:

There are still some businesses that prefer to use traditional marketing techniques for their business. Sometimes the business wants to target the local users or users from the rural or developing area. 

Traditional marketing is also known as “Outbound Marketing.” The conventional mode of marketing helps to reach out to the customer through the offline medium. 

This method doesn’t involve online activities, which means it uses print media like Newspaper advertisement, Broadcast, Pamphlets, Brochures etc.

2. Strategy:

Digital Marketing :

It is all about the online promotion of the brand. That’s why businesses need to put effort and time into creating highly creative and engaging posts related to the service or products of your brand to post it on all several social media channels when the maximum users are active online.

Other than this approach, you can use the following ways:

  • PPC:

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. You can run the paid advertisement on Facebook, instagram, Google ads etc.

Almost 60% of US adults use Facebook regularly.

  • Email Marketing:

 You can send the email to your user when giving the special discount offers on some services.

  • Social Media Marketing:

You can use the social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest etc.

Traditional Marketing :

 In this strategy, you have to stick to the offline medium of marketing such as tv, radio, print media, outdoor marketing etc. It involves the four pillars (“P”) of marketing. Which is as follows:

For every business, creating a sales funnel is an integral part; that’s why traditional marketing revolves around the four P’s: Product, Price, Promotion, Place.

  • Product:

Do you know which marketing is called effective marketing? The market involves the proper understanding of your product so that you can target the specific audience.

  • Price:

The next big thing is to decide about the price of the product. Before deciding the price, you should consider the demand, supply, making cost and profit margin.

  • Promotion:

It is the process by which you promote your services by targeting the audience. Promotion can be done through print media, broadcasting etc.

  • Place:

It plays a crucial role when we promote the brand or services. When the product is placed at the right time and the right place, it helps in getting the service increases.

Total Media Ad Spending in the US, Traditional vs. Digital, 2018-2023

Source: lyfmarketing

In this bar chart, you can see that the business tends to invest more in digital marketing than the traditional market.

3. Customer Interaction:

Digital Marketing:

 This marketing technique is also known as inbound marketing, where the customer will find the company instead of the company will find the customer. So, you must be wondering how it is possible? Here is some brief information about it.

When the customer views your post on social media accidentally, and if they like it and show interest in your services, they can contact you. Besides all this, customers can also ask any question related to your services through any medium at any time.

Furthermore, the customer has the power to give feedback about your services or products at your website or review page.

Traditional Marketing:

In this outbound marketing technique, the company finds the customer. In this, the store’s physical presence is mandatory for the customer so that they can purchase the services by reaching the store. Or they can opt out of the telephonic conversation. Besides that, the customer doesn’t feel free to give feedback on the services which they purchased.

Drawbacks of Traditional Marketing

Source: lyfmarketing

4. Cost:

Cost-Effective Digital Marketing:

This marketing approach is quite cost-efficient because of free websites and social media platforms. If you are not running the PPC and paid ads, you can make the best out of email marketing, SEO, SMO, content optimization, etc. In this whole scenario, you don’t need to spend your single penny because it doesn’t involve print media. But, if you are not aware of how to use SEO, you can take the Search Engine Optimization Services.

Expensive Traditional Marketing: 

This marketing technique requires some amount of money. Without spending money, you don’t publicize your product among the large customer base like advertising on the tv or radio. You need money, print pamphlets, newspaper ads. You need the money, so this marketing technique is expensive compared to digital marketing.

5. Result:

Real-Time Data in Digital Marketing:

You can get the accurate data analysis for the particular ads, post by using several types of tools such as Google Analytics, SEMrush, BuzzSumo, Crowdbooster etc. they can give the exact data which gives you an idea about how your ads is performing at the digital level among the users.

You don’t need to wait for a long time to check its performance. With the help of the above-mentioned tools, you can get the data within a week, which helps you review your strategy.

Results in Traditional Marketing:

Whereas it takes weeks or even months to yield data because you can’t guess if someone has read your news ads or watched your advertisement on the tv until you are successful in getting the follow-up from the person.

After all this, without conducting a survey, you can’t tell whether the particular ads are the reason for the follow-up or not.

The Final Word:

 At the end, business success relies on the marketing technique. With our above-mentioned reasons, we would hope you understand why digital marketing holds the upper hand. Digital marketing doesn’t involve the risk of money, so you can figure out the various strategies to increase the brand’s reach. If you are still stuck to traditional marketing, then give it a try to digital marketing.

Ellocent Labs is the best company known for providing Professional Digital Marketing Services to its clients worldwide. We have a team of professionals who work enthusiastically by implementing the out-of-the-box idea to increase the brand reach.

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How Facebook and Facebook Ads Will Help to Scale up Your Business?

How Facebook and Facebook Ads Will Help to Scale up Your Business?

The previous year 2020 was in vain in terms of generating revenues in several sectors like in the IT field, private farms, private fields etc. The main reason behind this situation is pandemic covid 19. This pandemic has opened different doors for increasing the sales of several businesses, and that business should be online. All this can be achieved through digital marketing Services or Search engine Optimization Services. With the business’s online presence, there is a need for strategies that can help boost the business.

This article will explore some ways, especially Facebook and Facebook ads, that will help scale up your business. Let’s get started.

Everybody is familiar with the need and significance of the Facebook platform. The users on this platform engage with the content in many ways. It simply means the user’s engagement on any content means that they are interested in this type of post. On the whole, we can say that Facebook is a huge platform. If it is used wisely, then it can bring a huge profit for your business.

Facebook ads are another prominent way for increasing business sales and, ultimately, revenues.

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If you are currently spending between $20-$100 per day on Facebook ads and witnessing the solid return on the ads spend.

Sometimes the companies also witness the scenarios when they spend a huge amount on Facebook ads, then they are not successful in bringing the profit as per the expectations.

Facebook ad types that will help to expand the business exponentially.

1. Increase Your Ad Spend:

The amount spent on Facebook ads should be cautiously chosen. This means if you are witnessing the increase in your sales through Facebook ads, you should increase your ads’ budget.

Source: Mediapost

Tip one–

Another important point that should be considered is that never increase the budget by more than 10-20%.

We all know that some people are not familiar with social media strategies, so that you can take help from a PPC Marketing Services.

2. Gauge the Ads Frequency:

The significant metric that needs to be taken into account. Ads frequency means how many times a different user has seen the ads. If your ad frequency is 5, which means, on average, your ad has been seen five times by each visitor.

Source: jonloomer

When your ad frequency increases, the CPA, which is a cost per acquisition, increases too.

The more times the same people see the ads, the more it becomes less effective. The obvious reason behind this is that people often get bored while seeing the repetitive things again.

Tip two:

The winning strategy keeps the ad frequency low so that the esteemed and potential customers find it more appealing and interesting.

Source: Sixads

This line graph depicts the relation between the CPA and Ad frequency. The ad frequency should lie between 1.8 and 4. Therefore, it is one of the best CPAs.

3. Discover About the New Audience:

Another way to enhance the business’s sales is that you can target the new audience according to their interest. Furthermore, you can use the Facebook audience insights to learn more about the user’s interest or increase your reach to more potential customers.

With this feature, you must be able to dig the new audience. Moreover, you can create new interactive ads that can specifically trigger the interest of the target new audience. This is the best feature, which is like the gold mine of information and lets you know about the new audience that is more likely to be interested in your ads.

4. Take a Step Further by Expanding Your Target Reach Internationally:

When we set up the business, we often do not consider taking the business to the international level. But, with the Facebook platform, you can expand your reach because, with these social media platforms, the world is at our fingertips now. In this situation, you can hire the services of a Social Media Optimization company.

Source:  bigcommerce

The first thing is to target the users from the countries which speak the same languages. For example, if your business is in the UK, you can target Canada, Australia, and the USA.

Furthermore, you need to translate your ads according to the target country’s language.

Tip Three-

One thing you should understand is that some points or things get lost in the ad translation.

5. Always Bring the New Creative and Interactive Content:

According to business needs and requirements, one should always avoid ad stagnation. This means you should try your best to bring out creative and engaging content for the visitors.

You can freshen up the content by using slideshows and videos that act as the cherry on the cake. In addition, you can change several elements of the ads, like captions.

Tip Four:

It is always advisable to use one ad format when you are at the initial phase of targeting the audience. When you want to retarget the audience, then you can use another ad format.

6. Appropriately use the Winning Ads:

There is no harm in reusing the old ads that win the maximum user engagement. Following are the essential points: 

  • Find out the ads that gain the maximum user engagement
  • Reuse the ads
  • Target the new batch of users.

If you need to figure out the best ads yet, then one thing you can do is to test several ads. Try to find out the best combination of visuals and content. When you successfully find out the winning ads, you can run those ads to earn the most visitors for your websites.

7. Be Sure that Audience Overlapping will not Happen:

You all must have listened to the overlapping term. But, do you know, what is the meaning of overlapping with respect to the audience?

Source: influencity

Audience overlap happens when two or more ads set unintentionally target the same audience. It simply means, the more audience overlapping, the less effective the ads.

Tip five:

If you want to avoid this type of scenario, you can use the audience overlap tool. This tool will make sure that your target audience will not overlap too much.

Wrapping it up:

We have discussed some of the essential points related to Facebook ads that will help in increasing the sales of the business. There may be a high chance that you will lose some amount of dollars at the initial stage while running the Facebook ads. But, always try to find out ways to make the Facebook ads more interactive and engaging. The greater the audience is, the more chances of converting them into customers and leads.

Always remember that Facebook is a wider platform, so wisely spend your budget. Try to develop the customer base from all the multiple channels. So, always try to provide interactive content to all the users, which ultimately helps in upgrading the business.

Ellocent Labs provides power pact digital marketing services and appropriate strategies for elevating the business. We are an elite group of innovative minds who have a lot of creative vision. Our suite of services includes digital marketing services. Please find out more about it on our website.

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Why Animated Infographic Dominating Under SEO Trends of 2021?

Why Animated Infographic Dominating Under SEO Trends of 2021?

Are you one of those who are struggling to entice new customers? Are you finding difficulty in retaining the old one for a longer duration? Last but not least, Are you juggling adding the new and unique flavor to your website? If you feel connected with these questions, then you are landing in the right place.

We all know that SEO plays a significant role in the growth of the Business. The excellent SEO of business websites will help you to get a high rank in the SERP. 

The constantly changing nature of SEO makes it more complex and convoluted. For the business website, you can hire the Search Engine Optimization Company, bringing the SEO juice to your website.

Do you know the latest trends that every business must follow are animated infographics? It is the new addition in the SEO Trends that makes a huge difference. For every Business breaking new ground acts like the brownie points to allure the customers,

In this article, you will discover the animated infographics that will help your website and business to become more attractive and compelling to the users. Please continue reading to let’s find out about it.

What are Static infographics?

Infographics are a popular marketing tool that adds more attractiveness to mundane information or facts. In simple words, it’s a representation of facts, figures, or any information in a visual form with attractive colors, fonts, and pictures. The infographics boost life into boring information and transform its dull look into a pleasing look. But what about the animated infographics? How it will add some more value to your customer. Let’s move onto it.

Animated Infographics:  

Source: dribbble

There is no doubt that static infographics show good results from a business perspective. But, there is always room for improvement in anything for the betterment. So, the animated infographics come into the picture frame. 

Every person’s brain tendency is to remember things for a longer duration in the form of visualization; that’s why kids always remember their favorite cartoon compared to their static alphabets. It involves charts, figures, pictures, illustrations, and other visual elements. So what’s new in it? You probably guessed it; movement is the X factor, making this infographic more popular among the viewers.

You have seen the various examples of it online- on all your social media or some other platforms. Besides the Video, GIFs are admired mainly by people. With the motion content, customers will grasp the information about Business with some sort of entertainment. 

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Why Business Needs to Invest in Infographics:

There is always a game plan for doing Business because competition in the market is cut-throat these days. Due to this reason, even the start-up company should invest in this. We are taking the ballpark number, let’s say 65% of the population finds it easy to remember the visual data compared to the static date and numbers. With animated infographics, you can represent the complex data in such an attractive manner and design that will help to elevate business reach.

With the animation, your content or an image can pop out of thin air. With the addition of motion in the static infographics, it becomes more impactful for the viewers.

What are the Tools that will create the animated infographics?

Infographics can be seen everywhere over the internet, including social media or email newsletters. Adding animation and interactivity is the perfect way to add more meaning to infographics and grabbing more eyeballs towards it right off the bat.

Several tools are available in the market to create stunning visuals with animation and creativity. Let’s find out about them-


You have the privilege to create static as well as animated infographics.





By using the Canva, you can add more interactivity and motion to monotonous content.






Here, in this, you can tailor your text for creating the best and creative infographics.




This tool provides the vast number of features. All these features will give the touch of professionalism to motion infographics.





These tools empower you to create the best motion infographics of your Business’s services, which results in getting noticed instantly.

Comparison of Static and Animated Infographics:

Both types of infographics help in capturing the user’s attention.

Static Infographic:

Animated Infographic:

How Animated Infographics Boost the SEO:

Competition is fierce, which means every Business kicks it up a notch. All of the companies try several innovative ways to increase the customer number. 

According to Hubspot, 61% of marketers say improving SEO and increasing their organic presence is the top priority for them.

So, we can conclude that the Infographics trend that needs to be followed by every Business whose aim is to touch the sky. 

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If readers find the content interesting then, there is a possibility that they share it with other people, and more traffic will come to the website. Due to the visual representation of the data, static infographics are getting more likes and shares on social media. Moving infographics are one level up and attract more customer’s attention, views. Which ultimately helps in increasing the customer base for the Business.

With the perfect animated infographics, your Business is ready to welcome more customers and get the desired SEO Outcome.

Tips and Tricks to Create the Best-Animated Infographics:

Infographics can be created through any above-mentioned tool, but the thing is, how interactive infographic will you be able to make?

The more interactive animated infographic is, the more it will appeal to the audience in the market. Following are some of the tips and tricks. I hope it will help you upto some extent.

# Tip One:

Always try to talk about business service or anything in a nutshell. For this, make use of graphs and charts. So that the audience doesn’t feel tired while reading it all.

One of the studies found out that between 18-24, 81% of users use the search engine for query, and 19% use the yellow pages or traditional approach to find the Business. 54% of people aged more than 65+ years use the yellow and white pages for search.

# Tip Two:

Audio clips are all about TONE so, selecting a suitable tone of voice for the audio clip can engage the customer for more time.

# Tip three:

Creating animated infographics is a challenging task, so it’s better to take a professional’s service.

# Tip Four:

Show as much as possible your creative thinking and skills to catch the audience’s attention.

So, I hope these tips will help you in creating the best movement infographics for business purposes.

Final Wording:

Animated elements have the power to grab the attention of users more as compared to the static. It will help in highlighting the significant points. All the information can be easily understood by the user and helps them remember business services for an extended period. Effective infographics will help not only in SEO but also helpful in putting your points forward among the readers.

Ellocent Labs provides Digital Marketing Services that help in increasing the customer base for your Business. We always believe in providing quality and desirable products to our clients. For more information, you can visit our website!!

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Which Strategies Every Business Can Use to Accomplish the Positive Online Reputation

Which Strategies Every Business Can Use to Accomplish the Positive Online Reputation

Everybody is familiar with the fact that a lot of time and effort is invested in establishing a business. Of course, all your services are good, and you satisfied each customer’s needs, but there is still a need to maintain the business’s online reputation. If in case, you are looking for generating the leads for your business then you can take the Digital Marketing Services from a well-known company.

In this digital world, reputation is the top priority of every business. In the cut-throat business world, you must be aware of the public image of your brand. There are so many people out there who would like to find online reviews about your brand before taking your services. If they find more negative reviews about your products or services, then it will leave them in disappointment. You can see that online reputation can make or break your business.

That’s why you need to maintain the positive image of the business. So what are you thinking now?

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation management means taking control of the online conversion. It helps in building the positive image of the brand by using several techniques and strategies. It always ensures that people will find the right thing about business when they are searching for it.

Cycles of Online Reputation:

Here, we are going to talk about the two-cycle of online reputation

  • Vicious Cycle
  • Virtuous Cycle

Vicious Cycle: When you don’t pay attention to your online reputation, and in the end, you became a victim of misleading information and rumours.
Virtuous Cycle: When you create the virtuous cycle of positivity, quality material of your brand, then your business’s positive reputation will build.

Tips for How to Know About Your Brand’s Image:  

First of all, you need to understand which type of image your brand has online through these tips:

  • When you Google your business name, then will it appear in the first five listings? 
  • Are your links positive?
  • How many followers do you have on social accounts?
  • How many times do you respond to customer’s comments?
  • What’s the average response time?
  • If people are talking about your brand on social media, then find out if the talk is positive or negative?
  • Keep an eye on review websites.

When you analyze these types of questions, you will definitely find an answer about which type of image you have among the online customers.

Several Strategies that Can Build the Positive Online Reputation of Your Brand:

Most of the time, businesses try hard to provide the best possible services to its consumers but somehow, your brand encounters negative reviews online. Sometimes customers posted negative reviews about it or even less flattering content about your brand, which can tarnish the brand’s image. You can take the Social Media Optimization Services for improving the brand’s image.

Let’s dive into finding the several strategies through which you can improve your business’s reputation.

1) Solving the Customer’s Issues:

The first thing you can manage the positive online image with the ORM is that you can completely avoid posting negative comments by the customers. If the customer has sent you the direct message or posted a question on your social media account, you should try to solve his problem.

Solving the customer's issues

One of the trusted sources found out that 83% of people expect a response on social media in a day or less than a day.

If you give the prompt response, then there is a high probability that the customer will not show his frustration by posting a negative comment online. But one thing you must remember is that you should show some empathy while solving their issues. If you ignore the customer’s message, then in a minute, the customer can post the private message into the negative public statement, which will break your business reputation.

2) Give Smart Responses to Negative Comments:

 If your company faces the problem of negative comments, then you should patiently answer their questions. We all know how disheartening it is for the company when facing negative comments about their services or products from the consumers. But, if you are not responding to unhappy customers, then for sure, you will be in trouble.

Give Smart Responses to Negative Comments

One of the studies found that 82% of customers are tempted to read the online reviews, 97% also read the way the business responds to their consumers.

When the users leave negative comments, you should always respond to their issues with patience and determination. If you do this, it will leave positive impressions on other users by how dedicatedly you are trying to solve their issues.

3) Take the Leverage of SEO Techniques:

Most companies think that SEO is only for those who want to appear on top of the search engine result page. But they often underestimate the power of SEO that helps in minimizing the negative content about the brand.

Take the Leverage of SEO Techniques

This technique will help get the higher ranking of the website because there, the website will get 31% more clicks of the customers. Furthermore, you can ask your customers to give positive feedback on ranking review websites, which will help improve the website’s online image.

4) Make use of Online Reputation Management Software:

If you are not comfortable implementing the above-mentioned techniques, then as a last resort, you can use the software that can automate the ORM tasks.

Let’s take a look at the Google Alerts and how it will work.


You have to enter your organization name in the tool, and then you will automatically start to receive the media reports that will talk about your brand. With the help of this tool, you can immediately respond whenever it is required.


In the end, we can conclude that you can build up the strong and positive image of your brand online using online reputation management techniques. If you respond to a customer’s negative comment with empathy, it will impress the other customers that the company will always be available to solve the issues. With the ORM strategies, you can achieve the positive image.

Ellocent Labs is one of the best companies which provides the efficient Online Reputation Marketing Services to its clients. These techniques will help in accelerating business growth by improving the brand’s online image. Our experts are experienced in generating leads for the client’s business. For more information, please check out our website!!

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10 Expectations to Consider when hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

Are you a business owner and thinking about hiring the Digital Marketing Agency? But here in your mind, have some questions, which you want to clear before hiring them.

Do you expect the results as outlined in the proposal?

Should you continue working with the agency that is enabled to generate the results in the first 6months?

This article has shared some thoughts on these questions and suggests some steps to hire the Digital Marketing Company. 

  1. Proposal and Work Strategy:

When you engage with the digital marketing company, you receive some proposals and work strategies from them. Initially, read their proposal and approach carefully and ask them to provide the free audit of your website so that you can check their work and can take the next decision.

  1. What Makes the Agency So Good To Work With?

When you think about getting the help of digital marketing agencies and all the right companies, many companies come ahead for your help. At this time, you should find the agency that is not the only right service provider; even he can become a part of your team and work collectively.

  1. How Does The Agency Manage Client Communication And Collaboration?

Next step, you should understand the Communication way of the agency. Is they comfortable, face-to-face meeting? Can they communicate with your team remotely? What is the structure of his reporting? Are they using the PMS (Project Management Software), and you can get access too? Can you communicate directly with the team or not?

These are unique business requirements that help run smooth work environments, less time wasted on misunderstanding, and more time spent on productive and meaningful work.

  1. What Do the First 30 Days work Structure?

A professional and passionate digital agency will have the experience to help direct and enhance your marketing efforts from day one. So you can ask them about the first 30-day work structure; what will they perform? How will they perform? And what results you will get from it?

With this process, you can observe the agency’s vision for your brand.

Before starting the work, we always prepare the ground report and often conduct the audit report of our client’s project. Understanding the history and existing setup enables us to develop a tailored, strategic roadmap for optimization. Otherwise, you follow a traditional approach, and you cannot reach the destination you have setup. With the audit report, you can make your next result-driven work strategy.

  1. Be Ensure It’s Up-To-Date with the Latest Technologies

A professional company keeps updating itself with the tech space’s latest happenings to still be ahead for innovative, competitive thinking.

A digital marketing agency always performs the latest techniques on their client’s project to give them the best outputs.

Please keep ensuring the agency you have hired for your project working on the current Google algorithms and applies all the changes on your website, which is suggested by Google.

  1. Security of your Data:

As data is the heartbeat of any business and modern marketing, everything is trackable and measurable information about your customers with digital media. So always keep ensuring the agency you have hired will never misuse your company’s data.

  1. Cost Expectations:

When you hire an agency, then you are engaging with outsourcing.

But outsourcing doesn’t mean cost saving. Some agencies charge more than your expectation just because of their expertise. Some agencies work for less, but there is always a reason why they agree to work at the lower cost. Chances are transparent Professional companies having more experience and expertise, so they charge high.

  1. Timelines:

During hiring, the agency, the business owners forget to clear the understanding of what they want.

So you should speak with them and be crystal clear what the project’s scope and how much time it will take? More extended projects always cost more, so that client will clear about their budget stretch.

  1. Client’s Expectations Regarding Results:

Are you worried about the results expectations mentioned in the proposal you get while hiring them? But it mainly depends on how the professional has forecasted their results and what parameter he has set to achieve the desired results.

So before starting the project, discuss the results with the agencies and estimate time from them. The best digital Marketing Agency doesn’t have any magic to boost the results; they only give their best and wait for the best results. For Instance, the competition is very tough for your services in the market; then you should agree that there is a risk of failure when hiring the agency. 

  1. Personal Workload:

When you hire an agency and leverage your whole work on them, you think the team will help you achieve your goal. And this doesn’t mean they will take care of your business and handle your whole work for you. Mainly when you hire an agency, you still have some responsibilities.

You have to ensure that your landing pages are working well and appropriately optimized so that you can convert the traffic into leads.


Keeping the expectations will set you up for success. 

The main thing to understand, what an agency can do for your business?

So you have to keep a record of every entry that he has made for you to be aware of the agency’s working process. Ellocent Labs is one of the reputed Professional Digital Marketing Company that fulfills its client’s requirements. We are experts in providing Search Engine Optimization Services, Social Media Services, Pay-Per-Click Management Services, Online Reputation Management Services, and Email Marketing. To know more about us, visit our website.