Backend Development Services: Basics of Web and App Development

Backend Development Services: Basics of Web and App Development

When we watch the movie for entertainment purposes, the actors who perform in front of the camera are like the front end of the film, but those serving the functions and various programs behind the camera acts as the back end of the film. Similarly, the case is for website development. Each website has two parts one is the front end, and the second one is the back end. Both are the paramount parts of the website. Have you ever paid attention to this thought that which part of the website acts as the brain?

Here is the answer to it, the Backend is like the website’s brain, and the front end acts like beauty. So there is no doubt in saying that a website is a beauty with a brain. The brain is the utmost important part. Through this, all the functions are performed accurately. So in this way, backend technology is used to perform all the functions of the, for website development you can hire the Backend Development Services.  In this blog, we are going to share some of the essential aspects related to backend development. But before going ahead, it is better to understand “what exactly is a backend development service”?

So, keep yourself indulge in reading the content for grasping some helpful information about it.

Backend Development Services:

Backend is the combination of a database and software written in server-side language that simply represents the server-side coding. It is that part of the website that can not be seen by the user on the client-side.

Backend Development Services

All the queries made by the user on the front end invoke the respective function on the server-side to get an answer to the query. There are different types of backend development services available. Like Backend of the website is developed by using the ASP.NET, Node.JS, C#, PHP, Python, Java, JavaScript.

There is an increased demand for the backend development service in the market. Every business owner wants to stay steady and firm in the competitive world. It leads to the higher demand of the backend development, which is directly proportional to the backend developers’ increased demand.

Responsibility of the Backend Developer:

With the increased demand for backend development, we can evidently say that there is a high rise in the demand for backend developers.

The responsibility of the backend developer is dependent upon the task of projects. Like if the designer wants to make a button or make a list on the website for the user’s convenience, it is the backend developer who needs to write the logic for the button and the list. 

Furthermore, he also has a responsibility for writing the algorithm and logic for the entire system. Also, he must be sure that all the functions are performing well and giving the desired output.

Moreover, he has significant responsibility for creating the database for the web and app. So, overall we can say that the backend developer is the one who has to perform the major functions as compared to the front-end developers.

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For most of the business, the Backend is like the pillar of the building. Therefore, the pillar needs to be strong enough to handle the burden of the building. In the same way, the Backend acts as the pillar of the website. If all the functions are carried out well on the back-end side, the website will do better in engaging more customers. So, there are various benefits linked to it. Which are as follow:

Role of Backend for the Website Development

If you are one of those who are juggling between the thoughts of “is your business needs the website or not,”? Then, you should definitely follow the trend of website development. The website development involves the backend development. All the things or functions that are performed by the user on the website is done by using the backend development technologies like Drupal, WordPress. These all are the Content Management System(CMS).

Content Management System

Backend development involves the creation of the database, which is used for storing the data. If you are a blogger, then you go with the WordPress website. If your website backend is performing well, then the website’s speed is also high, which is a great “X” Factor in today’s time. It helps in getting more visitors to the websites.

Benefits in Mobile and Web Applications:

We can spot the business interest increasingly inclining towards mobile app development. Then there is also a need for the backend development for the app. You have seen several types of interactive mobile apps. But do you ever pay attention to this, that what makes the mobile app more interactive is its design? The answer is miscellaneous. The app’s design makes it appealing to the user’s eyes, but the strong Backend is the app’s primary assets. The front-end developers develop the app’s UI, but how these functions are carried out depends upon the backend developer.

Your mobile app can be an android or iOS mobile app. But these days, there is also a trend of react native development, which can be operated on both mobile platforms.

Embrace the Firebase Backend Development for affordable Backend Service

If you are looking for an affordable backend development service, firebase backend development is the answer to your worries. It’s a cloud solution for websites and apps. The main advantage of using this technology is that it is backed on Google Infrastructure; that’s why there is no need for the server for handling and storing the company’s data. It is best for real-time integrations.


Backend development plays a vital role in website development. It acts as the brain of the website. No website can perform well without the best Backend. All the functions are performed by the Backend. The developer has to write the coding or algorithms for performing the different functions of the website. But, please keep in minds that no single person can easily develop the Backend because it involves the vast number of logic, so a team of professionals is required for it.

Do you want to get Affordable Backend Development Services?

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Website Development

How to Scale Your WordPress Website Management?

There is no doubt that WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world because of its scalability or elasticity. Thus, it will be better to focus on themes, plugins and customizations, sufficiently scalable hosting and various other factors related to the individual WordPress web development Services.

Here are some significant steps while scaling up or gearing your WordPress instance to throttle up in enhancing the traffic. Let’s have a look:


Wordpress Website Management


  • Code practices—Include clean codes and try to make it free from errors and unnecessary bloat to avoid hanging processes that hinder your website access and resources.
  • Caching— A Full Page Caching (FPC) solution is essential to save entirely generated web pages for an efficient performance relevant to web visitor’s browser as well as significant reductions in dramatically reduces processing time and database calls as well as API hits.
  • Content delivery management— Introduce Content Delivery Network (CDN) like Cloud flare to distribute copies of files, images, across an “edge network” of servers, cut down resources relevant to hosting environment and offer security, resilience, and speed benefits.
  • Security— Include web application development firewalling, intrusion detection, and malware scanning solutions for your site in a secure way to identify vulnerabilities and risks.
  • Search Indexing— Utilize WordPress’s built-in site-search feature for a bottleneck experience for a perfect scaling up whenever required. 
  • Integrating— Be aware while choosing your integrations as it potentially participates in scaling up your WordPress website and eradicating the obstacles that hold back your website. 
  • Disk Space— Rely on hard disk space to provide enough space to compile your cache or address other essential server functions to spike up your WordPress website. 
  • Database optimization— Choose a robust and well-optimized database like MySQL or Maria DB with proper sizing and configuration to minimize the chances of weak links in your scalability chain.
  • Horizontal Architecture— Apart from CPU and RAM, involve load-balancing servers as that play vital role in auto-scaling your website ”horizontally” by spinning up more web nodes as per the requirements. 
  • Vertical Scalability— Involve public clouds for vertical scalability as it allocates additional resources to your server and connects more CPU cores and RAM.

Therefore, Ellocent Labs provides comprehensive WordPress Website Development Services management by a knowledgeable team of WordPress developers and experts. They actively participate in regular maintenance, take care of core, plugin and theme updates from time-to-time to manage your business and satisfy your clients meeting all their parameters.


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