The Secret of Choosing the Backend Developer for a Dream Project

The Secret of Choosing the Backend Developer for a Dream Project

The advancement in the software industry is at its peak due to the rapid inclusion of technology.

It means the software development industry has been continuously increasing with the dawn of the new millennium. Therefore, with the increasing demand for Web Development Services, thus the role of full stack developer, backend developers are in hot demand.

The role of the backend developer is vital in website development, web application. But, other than this, they also have to ensure the front-end development, whether it is developed as per the client’s specification.

Moreover, there is always a need to acquire some skills to become a back-end developer so, if you are looking to Hire the Backend Development Team for your dream project, you must be sure that he/she must possess some skills.

In this blog post, we cover some of the skills that the backend developer must possess. 

So, before we dig into the skills, it’s better to understand what backend development is? 

Back-End Development:

Back-end development refers to server-side development, which is related to the database, scripting, & Web Architecture. The backend development is just like behind-the-scenes activities.

Back-End Development

In your childhood, you all must be inquisitive about what’s happening behind the stage, behind the TV screen, or you want to take a sneak peek under the hood of a car. Similarly, the backend development functionalities are performed by the backend developer. 

Do you know that account login or online purchasing is the best example of backend processes? Let’s understand it with a more clear example.

Best Example:

All the e-commerce websites are the best example of the backend process. Here, we talk about one of the quite popular makeup and clothing app, “Nykaa.” Suppose you go to Nykaa and search for the “tops,” then the server-side language pulls all the information about the “tops” from the database.

Best Example of backend Development

Then the whole information is processed in the application, and the user can see the thousands of results due to implementation of the front-end languages.

The Role of Back-end Developer:

The role of the back-end developer is quite tricky and challenging because he has also worked closely with the front-end developer to ensure that all the functionality is working properly. So, the following are some of the roles of backend developers.

  • Efficiently develop a Content Management System (CMS)
  • Effectively develop the architecture of the system.
  • Must be able to create a safe and secure payment processing system that securely stored the required data.
  • Store and manage data with the use of data science.

Skills possessed by the Back End Developer:

As we all know, backend development is related to the server-side. Thus, the backend consists of three major parts:

  • Database
  • Application
  • Server

Now, we are going to talk about the skills that the back-end developer must possess. 

So let us set the ball rolling.

1. Technical Expertise in Web Development Languages:

 If you are looking for the backend developer for your dream project, then you must be sure that he must have a command over the technical part of the website, which includes having a full-fledged practical knowledge about at least one prominent programming languages like 

  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Node Js
  • PHP
  • C#
  • Java

python is the third-best programming language

According to CodinGame’s Developer survey 2020, python is the third-best programming language.

2. Must be Familiar with the Database & Cache:

Every website is incomplete without the database because it is the significant part of the website that holds the information which the users access. That’s why the person must have the grip on several DBMS like MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, SQLServer besides this, if he is familiar with Varnish, Memcached, Redis, then it’s like a plus point for him. Furthermore, if you are on the path of website development, then you can find a company that can provide you with efficient Web Development Services.

3. Deep understanding of the server-side:

Another technical skill that the backend developer must possess is having a deep understanding of the server-side like 

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Linode 
  • Apache
  • IS Servers etc.
4. Web Development Framework:

 If the person knows some of the web development frameworks, it will act as a cherry on the cake. So below are some of the leading frameworks for website development using python.

  • Django: This framework is highly used for mid-range projects and full-fledged applications.
  • Flask: It’s like a micro-framework used to provide management solutions that can be easily customized.
  • Pyramid: This framework is used with either extended plugins and various databases.
5. Interpersonal Skills:

Other than these technical skills, the person also has some good interpersonal skills, which are below:

  • Communication skills: The backend developer must have good communication skills so that he can easily communicate his ideas, strategies, or concerns to the other team members of the project. It should also be important to give an update to the clients. So good communication skills are a must for him.
  • Keen Learner: In this tech-savvy realm, the technology keeps on updating at lightning speed. Thus, having updated information and eagerness to learn more about the technology is another must-have skill required in the backend developer. So, we can say that continuous learning about the programming language can lead the developer to a new and efficient way of coding.
  • The organization of Code: Another soft skill that must be present in the developer is the ability to write the code in the most organized manner. As the code for the project grows, thus there may be a chance of tough navigation, which can only be eliminated when the code is clean and organized. Moreover, another person can easily understand your code and update it in the near future when you are not available due to some reason.

Let’s Sum-Up:

The backend development refers to the server-side of the website development. That’s why the role of the backend developer is vital in the website development process. So, if you are looking for a back-end developer, he must possess the skills mentioned above. Besides all this, understanding the client’s needs and specifications helps to create the successful system architecture.

Ellocent Labs has gained a reputation as the leading Backend Development Company by delivering efficient services within the defined time frames. We have a proficient pool of skilled resources for serving excellent services like backend developers, front-end developers, Designers, Digital Marketers. Would you please discover more about our services.

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Mandatory Checklist Before Making a Change in the Website?

Mandatory Checklist Before Making a Change in the Website?

We live in that era where technology thrives much like at lightning speed; that’s why businesses are in continuous need of resources to upgrade or maintain their website. Developing and forgetting about the business website is not the right approach for the business if they want to corner the market in a fiercely competitive time.
Like after some time, we need to maintain the electronic items or any other item; similarly, we need to de-clutter the website by deducting the non-essential feature from it or implementing some new features to augment the website. For this purpose, the business can take the Web Design and Development Services.

Most people often neglect this significant matter. Due to this, they will lose the grip over a specialized domain in the market. But, do you know how to maintain the website and after how much time you need to maintain your website? And what is the mandatory checklist before making a change to the website.?

In this article, you will get an answer to these questions that will help to scale up your business growth.

What is Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance means performing the essential task on the website to ensure the smooth functioning of all the features on the website. Besides this, you have to update it with new features.

Website Maintenance

Why is it Essential?

Websites play an integral role in building up your business. It acts like the pillar, which means your website should be highly interactive, robust, and user-friendly to attract customers. Website maintenance is one of the essential tasks in order to engage the customers and retain the old ones for a longer period.

Due to the high demand for website maintenance, several plans are available in the market. Few of them are based on monthly changes that will suggest to you the area of improvements in the website. Moreover, they suggest you some of the new arrivals that will best fit into your website.


The backup database and file backup has hit the number one spot in the mandatory checklist. This action should be performed every week. Every six months, you have to restore the backup in order to ensure validity.

Search Engine Optimization:

Most of the business uses SEO techniques to grow their business on the wider level. This SEO technique will help in increasing the organic traffic to your website, so it’s mandatory to maintain the already coming traffic to your website without the fear of losing it. So, this point should be taken into consideration carefully.



Some analytics tool is important for measuring the statics to see how a website is performing. You can check the trends online for key metrics. You can keep the records of unique daily hits, monthly page views, and browser statistics. 


If your website is e-commerce, your site must accept the comments and feedback from the user. So, in that case, you need to check the spam and maintain the feedback for further improvement in the website by developing the right functionality.


After going through this list, the last step required in website maintenance is testing all the website’s functionality. You can check the working of the contact form, signup, and everything else. Moreover, you need to check that every page is uploading fine on the front-end.

There is one tip from our side; please remove the unnecessary content from the website so that it should work fine and smoothly. The Full Stack Development Company will do the respective task for you 

So, these are some of the essential points in our checklist, and you should follow them to expand your business growth by maintaining the website on a time-to-time basis. 

Ellocent Labs is one of the leading Web design and Development Company and known for providing the best possible software solutions to clients globally. Our research-based and goal-driven approach help to lay down the perfect foundation and strategy that will help in the growth of the business.

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Website Development

How to Get A Fabulous Web Development Services on A Tight Budget?

In today’s digital world, your website is the mirror of your business. A well-designed website with responsive features acquires high traffic and potentially converts prospective customers into successful clients. However, to build such a dynamic, attractive & eye appealing website with full functionality and a user-friendly application, you must look for the best Web development services company to uplift your business to new heights.

Here are some ways to get fabulous web development services on a tight budget:

  • Approach for an Inexpensive Hosting Platform:

There are various inexpensive or pretty less expensive, user-friendly hosting platforms such as Square Space, Wix, Wordpress, and Weebly that will allow you to construct the desired website your dream offering free templates or trials. Moreover, these web services often offer packages that enable you to craft a simple, minimalistic site with minimal features to a fully-branded digital experience with attributes using the right skill set.

  • Create Your Content:

Obviously, after acquiring a domain, you must have to enrich your website with appealing and admiring content for the right impression. However, it is advisable to create your content at your initial level with a low budget, whether it’s written stuff, image, or video. Be creative in this sphere as you need to introduce your brand excitingly and aesthetically. And if you have the programming language knowledge, then it’s a plus point as you don’t need to go to any Java Development Services company.

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  • Involve Free Fonts:

Using fonts that have open-source on the web are one of the best ways to save money. All you need to choose is the fonts available with your website’s template or load fonts from free sources like or look through Google Font’s open-source font catalog. Google fonts are a wiser choice here as these are optimized for web use. Their open-source catalog features fonts published under licenses that allow your brand to use them on your website for free without any fear of pixilation of a blur, making it quickly displayed on the web and mobile devices.

  • Use the Cloud:

It is better to move your web content to the cloud using Google Drive, Dropbox, or iCloud. Rather than spending on additional storage hard drives. These storage devices save unnecessary expenses and easily retrieve and view your web files from any mobile device.

  • Apply Exchange Services Process:

Exchange your services with other creative’s in your community or online as it builds a symbiotic relationship between the entrepreneurs and the creative’s. In other words, both benefit each other in a fantastic way to save money on your website, building long term, valuable relationships.

Here, Ellocent deserves special mention as it provides Full Stack development services and the overall digital solutions required for the businesses. In other words, they do everything accurately and focus keenly on maintaining quality standards as well. They possess excellent skill sets involving transparent and flexible measures to create a great website, even at a lower budget. Whether you’re launching a new business or looking to mitigate your existing business, Ellocent helps you lead in your fraternity by bestowing the results-driven approach in a budget-friendly way. Moreover, it also provides robust Front-end and Backend Development Services.