mHealth apps: What features do patients want?

mHealth Apps: What Features Do Patients Want?

The technology revolution has impacted every industry vertical; that’s why the healthcare industry is also leveraging the benefit of health care mobile apps. With the custom mobile app solutions, new business opportunities are embraced by every field; that’s why by using the mobile app development services from the renowned company, the healthcare industry is not falling into an exceptional case, which is good news because every industry vertical is adopting technology advancement with an open arm.

Many stats strongly support and provide the results that over 70% of patients agree that accessing the patient’s medical data onto the mobile apps is much more covenant for their physician. 

The increasing demand for these apps fuels a health revolution; as a result, more and more types of healthcare apps are being developed across the world. But as an entrepreneur, business leader, do you know which features your app developer should include in the app to make the accessing process easier for the patients or doctors? Do you know why most healthcare apps have less than 10,000 downloads? 

The answer is simple but very painful because your app lacks some user-friendly features.

So, today we will shed some light on the features that guide you to what the patient is looking for in your mobile app. We hope this information will help you make a list of must-have features in the mhealth mobile app.

But do you know what mhealth stands for? Any Guess? Mhealth stands for mobile health. So, let’s indulge in useful information by reading ahead.

Types of Healthcare Apps:

Before indulging in the mobile healthcare app, it’s mandatory to learn the types of these apps to decide which type of app you want to go with. So, below are the list of types:

  • Urgent care apps/Emergency care apps
  • Healthy lifestyle maintaining apps
  • Clinical apps
  • Diagnosis assistant apps
  • Medication tracking app
  • Women’s health app
  • Nutrition & Diet
  • Others.

If you are still confused about which mobile healthcare app you should invest your money in then take a look at this graph representation that will erase all the doubts from your mind.

mHealth Apps StatsSRC: Softermii

What Features Do Patients Want?

It’s such an enigmatic scenario; when people have shown enthusiastic interest in the mobile app, why are they shy from downloading it from the play store.? Have you ever thought about it?

What Features Do patients want

We all know that a layman wants an easy-to-access feature, but it’s time to understand the situation from the patient’s perspective. So, let’s try to dive deeper into the scenario.

Patients generally look for the three most basic functionalities, which are:

  • Feature for schedule/cancel the appointment
  • Feature to request the prescription
  • Feature to easily access all the medical history/reports
  • Get appointment reminders
  • View doctor’s profiles, their records.

You see, when it comes to mobile health apps, it’s all about providing basic functionality in a more user-friendly possible way. You must be amazed by gazing at these two simple features, but in reality, most of the android app development services make these features complicated for them. Apart from all this, the healthcare industry has tremendous opportunities to improve patient satisfaction.

1. Easy Access to Functionalities:

Before developing a mobile app, it should be necessary to take care of one essential point: the patients will not use those apps that will take extra time. Every patient wants to access the basic features easily; if you want to attract the customer with unique features, don’t forget about the basic functionalities. Make things straightforward for them by providing them features that help them save the appointment booking time, cancel the appointment, etc. If they have to figure out how the app will work, they will no longer be interested in the mHealth app.

Easy Access to Functionalities

2. Symptoms Checker:

In some cases, it should be advisable to patients to check the symptoms, but how exactly do they know whether they need a consultation of the experts or not? Then, the symptoms checker feature plays a vital role in it. By including this feature, you can provide accurate symptoms information about the disease, which will help the patients and doctors to save their time.Symptoms checker

3. Easy Communication with Health Specialists is the Key:

The next paramount feature to include in the mHealth app is to give patients the freedom to consult the professionals. One of the studies shows that 75% of clinic visits are very basic, which can be easily conducted on the telephone or video. That’s why providing the healthcare platform to both doctors and patients will save more time by cutting the waiting hours. Additionally, mobile healthcare apps have made their way into people’s lives during the quarantine period.

Easy Communication with Health Specialists is the Key

4. Mandatory to Update Real-Time Data:

Do you know what should be the next step or feature to include in the mobile app at the end of the appointment? How can the doctor or patient be able to view their updated medical conditions like medications, the test requirements, etc.? There is one single and simple solution for this, the app needs to be updated in real-time data because the patient’s health is changing with time, so doctors need to keep a watch on all the data.

Mandatory to update real-time data

5. E-Prescriptions:

No appointment is complete without the medical prescription, so here in the mHealth app, there is a need to generate the e-prescription for the patients by their specialist. Other than this, you can enhance this function by providing the advanced level of facilities in it. Like you can connect the pharmacies stores with it so that the patients can easily check if the prescribed medicines are available in the store or not.


6. Progress Tracking is a Must:

if you are thinking of developing the mHealth app for the iOS platform. Suppose you are not a pro in this field. In that case, you can take the iOS app development services from the renowned company but also never forget to tell the developers to include the progress tracking feature from the patients perspective so that they will keep an eye on the progress and motivate themselves to take care of their health at any stage of life.

Progress tracking is a must

7. Not to Forget to Provide a Smooth User Experience:

You all must have experienced this in your digital mobile journey that when you download the app from the play store, then sometimes after using it for once, you don’t open it again? Do you ever realize what the reason behind this action is? Here is the answer: sometimes the app doesn’t provide the smooth user experience; that’s why most of the mHealth mobile collapsed in the market. So, to avoid this situation, you should focus on providing a good user experience. If your target audience is the younger generation, then your choice of color would be subtle. If it’s for the older generation, the icon and text should be larger, and the language should be their native language.

Not to forget to provide a smooth user experience

Closing Thoughts:

The world is changing with technology; that’s why the mHealth apps are slowly on the path of becoming our true medical partner. Apart from this, some apps are soar to success, and some are big flops in the market. But if you are seriously thinking about the mHealth app, you can consider the above-mentioned features, which are perfect from all the angles that will help make your app a big hit among the patients. 

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How Does the Implementation of IoT Secure Your Business?

How Does the Implementation of IoT Secure Your Business?

In this digitized world, technology has become the essential part of our lives. Today an ordinary person uses the technology via any medium, be it a mobile phone, tab, etc. Due to its availability, electronic gadgets have become a part of our family.

There is no doubt that digital transformation helps the business to expand its reach on the digital platform among online users. Internet of things(IoT) also becomes the significant part of businesses, which signifies the importance of taking the IoT App Development Services Companies.

Let’s first dive into the pool of IoT for a better understanding.

You must be familiar with smartwatches; even some fitness freaks use them to make themselves fit and fine. These smartwatches track each step we take. Similarly, smartphones know our location where we are.

Smart watch

IoT stands for the Internet of things, and it works to give an insight into the process when used in the business. These days, some businesses are ready to take the first step in the world of IoT or some have already taken this important step.

If the company still doesn’t hasten to implement the IoT, there is a high probability of lagging behind the tech-savvy competitors.

One of the studies finds out that, in the year 2015, there were around 15.4 billion connected devices. Intel predicts that at the end of 2020, there will be an estimated 200 billion connected devices. Furthermore, for 2021 total business spending on IoT solutions will reach approximately $6 trillion.

In this article, we will discover how the IoT helps to secure your business.

Focus on Improving the Customer Experience:

There is always a need to keep a constant check on the customer’s requirements. So you must try to figure out ways for increasing the customer’s experience. You can take inspiration from this example: one of the kid’s famous place has tried the technique to know about its customer’s behavior and requirements. They allow their visitors to tie the magic band, which has a range of upto 40 feet in every direction. With this powerful strategy, they can know what the visitor wants to explore, how much time they have spent in the waiting queue, how many of them take the rides, etc. With this IOT technology, they can get an answer to all these questions with deep contentment. You can try this strategy so that you can secure your business in fierce competition.

According to i-SCOOP, there was an estimation that IoT endpoint is forecasting to reaching 5.8 billion endpoints, which was an estimated increase of 21% from the previous year 2019.

The fastest-growing sector in terms of IoT implementation are-Building automation, automotive and healthcare. In addition to this, the second largest user of IoT is physical security, and then third is government and son on.

Source: heimdalsecurity

So, these are some of the sectors which are implementing this technology to upscale their business.

Keep Your Customers Updated:

These days, almost everyone wants to avoid the problem of going off outside due to pandemic. Therefore, people are more inclining towards the online shopping trend. So, you must be wondering how you will use the IoT in it.? By implementing it, you will be able to give up-to-the-minute information about your services or new launches to valuable customers. Furthermore, you all must have listened to artificial intelligence, so by taking the services of Artificial Intelligence Development Company, you can touch the heights of the sky.

With IoT technology, the customer can know the status of his parcel. In addition to this, if the packages are tagged with sensors, the customer will be able to track the route of his delivery parcel through a mobile app by following the trackable link from the retailer’s website.

Impact on Decision Making:

IoT is used to give the insight view of the business, which ultimately helps in decision making. The app based on these technologies helps in monitoring the various types of a business process. Let’s consider an example- if the business employs the IoT sensors on the employees working equipment, then the top management can get the every minute update because the data is stored in the cloud. The managers can access the data anytime via mobile apps from any devices. After detailed analysis, they will be able to decide on the improvement of the business. With this information, they will be able to riddle out where they lack behind.

In a Nutshell:

We have seen that the number of devices connected to the internet keeps rising every year, which indicates the significance of IoT technology in the business world. It has changed the whole scenario of doing the business. So, if it’s always best to embrace the new technology and remain ahead of the pack, please note this, never give a small chance to your competitor to win the race. So, be wise and choose this technology for your business to survive in the upcoming years.

Ellocent Labs is one of the best IoT Software Development Company in the IT industry that has become synonymous with excellence and agility. We have a team of skilled developers who are always ready to meet new challenges. Our main motto is to deliver quality work to our clients. Please visit our website for more information!

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