Project Info

  • Client : Mark Jacobsen
  • Category : Case Study
  • Date : March 2018
  • Website :
  • Location : Germany

Project Info

Case Study


There are too many of us who want to take a position their money and need to urge real-time data of Cryptocurrency stock exchange , but they do not have any idea about where and the way to invest?

No doubt, there are too many traditional games on this idea, but the most drawbacks of those games; they do not give the real-time data of the Cryptocurrency stock exchange.


To take care of these points we developed Cryptoleagues, which has that sort of best features, which provides us the platform where we will invest our fake cryptocurrency and earn real money alongside this, we will get real-time data. At the time, when you will sign up then you will get some amount of currency. You can use that fake amount of currency for the beginning investor. You don’t need to invest your real money. So it’s a big opportunity for you.

There are different sessions in this platform like dashboard, markets, Trading, Leagues, settings, Referrals, Feedback.

Dashboard: Here you can see the detailed information of currency’s investment by the help of graphs and pie charts.
Markets: Therein this session you can check the ranking level, trades of all the currencies.
Trading: In the trading section, you can check the bought currency and can sell that currency at the time or after the time of leagues.
Leagues: At this point, you can join the leagues, and can earn the award by playing leagues.
Feedback: In this session, you can give us feedback about this app. So that we can update the changes according to your demands.

Quick Features:-

Dashboard: This is use to get a quick view of all the data of investment with the various charts.
Markets: For ranking level, trades of all currencies.
Trading: To sell and buy the currency.
Leader board: Information about all the users that how much they earn and play here can be view analysis easy.
Leagues: To earn awards play here, by join the leagues.
Settings: For your personal information settings
Referrals: At this section, you can invite someone to join this web app, and then you can get the rewards.
Feedback: For your positive/negative comments, for Suggestion also, this section is available.
Real-time Currency update
33 different Cryptocurrencies
Graphically- User friendly
We can buy amount limit for cryptocurrency
Keep track of profits from each coin. That how much he gained profit from a particular coin.
Profit/loss tracking
For tokens Pie chart representation
Graphs to display the history
For each coin, real-time tracking
Line chart graphs to Keep track of his worth of each day for comparing his past trading
Graphs to display historical data for each coin for the past 1.5 years.
Depth charts for each coin.
Global ranking on leader board
Order history over the platform
Order book
MEAN Stack
Firebase for real-time values.
High charts for graphical representation
API’s used –
Social signup – Facebook and Google


  • This app is growing globally.
  • Till now, 1,600 + people joined, enjoying investing the different-different currency on this app and earning money.
  • People love the app’s dashboard graphics.
  • Getting a real-time experience.
  • Through graphs, Pie charts getting up and down’s information.
  • People like the way of sign up, which is secure for the people.