Project Info

  • Client : Soren
  • Category : Case Study
  • Date : March 2018
  • Website :
  • Location : Thailand

Project Info

Case Study


In the world, there are lakhs of hotels. Out of them, around 4,400 are luxury hotels. Every year millions of people go here and there for the trip, enjoyment, vacations or maybe for work reasons. In the luxury hotel or maybe in medium-sized hotels, the bar, pub, balcony, big hall, dining area are available. If anybody wants to order something like a beer bottle, for food etc. then they have to go to the receptionist’s table or to the food manager. The traditional method is time consuming and annoying. All of us want comfort vacations, trips etc.


So here, we develop an elegant solution- “ENQUISO” for your comfort. ENQUISO is a mobile app for Android and IOS, which is free to download from play store and app store. Its focus is to analyze the customer experience when they dine out or visit outside at the hotel and tourist trap. You can experience the 5-star services with this app.
ENQUISO is an engaging mobile app for hotel/resort managers and their guests. Where Enquiso is available, and if you are staying at that resort/ hotel, then you will be able to access the high-speed services, browse from their mobile phone only. On special occasions or on initial times there are some kinds of offers, cashback, promotions through which you can get benefits.

  • No need to wait for someone to serve.
  • Just click the pay button; if you want to pay the money may be to the hotel/resorts manager.
  • Special offers and cashback/promotions available.
  • In your phone, you can see the overall view of the hotel just in seconds.

It includes:

  • Super Admin: Admin controls all the features of the application.
  • Hotel admin: The specific hotel controls their environment.
  • Customer apps: For customers, there is a scan QR code through which you can call for service or pay a bill.
  • Manager app: The manager can analyze the aggregated data about ongoing requests in their hotel and responds very quickly.


  • The manager can accept the customer’s request within seconds.
  • After that manager will mark the request as completed.
  • At the manager’s side, he/she can see all the list of requests of the day.
  • At the user’s side, He/she can request their demand as many times as they can.
  • Users can view all the hotel’s services by their phone only. They didn’t need to walk here and there to analyze space.
  • Scanning QR code available to avoid time consumption.
  • Quick service.
  • Safe for you and your time.
  • Easy to analyze the full view of the specific hotel.
  • Cashback/ Promotions etc. available on their special occasions.
  • Can be used all over the world.
  • Can do settings at their own level.


  • Ionic- Mobile App
  • Angular- Hotel app
  • Python- backend
  • My SQL- Database