Promising Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in the Education Industry


There was a time when people encountered artificial intelligence in only science fiction films, but nobody has thought about experiencing AI in real life. However, with the introduction of Siri, Google Analytics, and Alexa, people have welcomed this technology with open arms into their lives. These examples are just the beginning of a new possible AI technology era. With time, we are expecting to see more AI-based technologies by taking the more Artificial Intelligence Development Services in various industries. The day is not far when this technology becomes a mainstream technology. 

There is not even a single industry vertical that has not been touched by artificial intelligence, so how the education industry was not affected by this? If you desire to step into the Education industry with your AI-based platform, you can hire a remote based AI developers team for it. Thus the future of the education department is deeply connected with this technology. Due to this reason, the storm clouds are headed on the teacher’s job. Besides this, there is always a debate ongoing on up-to which extent the AI will replace the teacher’s job.

If we look at stats then, AI in the US education system is smoothly continuing, which means it is expected to grow by 47.5% by 2021. So, today in this article, we will explore some of the glimpses of implementing AI technology in the education industry. So, let’s get started without any further ado.

1. Increased Interaction Between Teacher and Students:

AI communication tool helps increase the interaction between teacher and students. It means the students who are not bold enough to ask a question directly from the teacher in front of the other students can easily ask any query via this tool. 

On the other hand, the teacher can give detailed information while clearing their doubt because there might be the possibility that the teachers are bound by the time constraints in the classroom. Besides this, the teacher can motivate their weak students without any time limit via this amazing tool.

2. Assist in Grading: 

We all know that, from many ages, teachers’ profile is not restricted to the teaching job only. They have to manage the administrative task; also they have to study about the next lecture, and in addition to this they have to check the exam sheets of the students. So think about it, if AI-based technology helps in grading, how much time they have left. In our opinion, a good amount of time can teach more by preparing themselves for the upcoming lectures or focusing more on their weak students. Besides this, this technology is also spreading its wings in other various artificial Intelligence sectors like- Health Care industry, Space Exploration, and many others. 

3. Emphasis on More Individualized Learning:

Teachers and parents need to give proper attention to their kids in their childhood time because this is a time when their base is built up. If their foundation is strong, they can only face the upcoming challenges in their respective education field. So, the use of digital platforms which implement this technology can help the students in learning, and on that basis, proper testing and feedback is given to individual students.  

Besides this, these courses are available for small kids to younger generations and based on their performance; they will redirect to the next topic at the appropriate time. So, this technology helps in providing a more personalized learning environment to the students. But, all this information is accessible through devices like mobile apps or websites. If some of you have the great idea based on AI technology app then you can take the Mobile App Development Services

4. Smart Content is the New Trend:

By the foot of AI technology in the Education industry, the student’s learning experience is on another level. In some countries, schools have transformed their classrooms into smart classrooms. AI-based technology makes the learning process more simple and interesting. By taking the Artificial intelligence development Services, any business can become the owner of an AI-based platform. AI facilitates the students by breaking down the textbook content into a more interactive manner and digital content. Smart content is quite popular in some countries where it creates comprehensive content by summarizing the significant points in the form of videos and audio.

5. Alerting the Teachers about Wrong Answer Submission:

You must be amazed to know that AI-based technology helps find the incorrect answer submitted by the students for a particular assignment. The respective subject teacher is alerted by the system when many students submit the wrong answer. Then, in that case, the teacher improves the hints of a respective questionnaire so that the next students will provide the correct answer. 

6. Bestow the Students with a Virtual Learning Environment:

AI-based technology helps to create a more interactive and student-friendly virtual learning environment by digitizing the textbooks and giving the freedom to students to access the chapters anytime, anywhere from the device. This method is effective for those students who are disabled or unable to attend the classroom. Apart from all this, you can hire a company which provides the efficient Web Development Services and turn your rough idea into a great website.

7. Helping Hand of Parents:

Sometimes the students need much attention from teachers as well as from their parents. But, due to the busy schedule of parents, they don’t have enough time for their children. In that case, AI-based platforms provide the helping hand to parents, especially in the case of mathematics. In most cases, parents often find themselves in the struggle while solving the algebra questions for them. So, in that case, this AI-enabled platform becomes the outside class for the students as well.

8.Teachers Can Update Themselves:

The AI-based technology platform is not only serving the purpose of educating the students. But, it is also helpful in teaching the teachers. If the teachers are not updated with the education, then what’s of its use? So, this platform provides comprehensive information for the teachers, which is available for them at any time. They can update themselves by learning a new foreign language or research some interesting topics for better understanding to teach the students more accurately.

Bonus Information:

Do you know that some Chinese institutions use the facial recognition method, which replaces the need for an identity card. It means now there is no need to carry the ID card while taking lunch or taking a book from the library. Apart from all these, AI technology has changed the study standards of the students because now the students can get a more personalized study experience. Moreover, various AI-based educational platforms are available for students and teachers, such as Thinkster Math, MATHiau, oddizzi, Brainly etc. 

Suppose you have an idea of creating an educational app but don’t know how to develop it. Then you can hire the professional Ellocent Labs IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Artificial Intelligence Company which additionally provides some other services like Cloud services, Progressive Web App Development, Internet of Things and many more. We have a large talent pool of developers and designers who passionately develop AI apps for diverse businesses.

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