Artificial Intelligence

Ellocent Labs IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a versatile player in embossing innovative Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. We teach the industry standard, commercial and open-source technologies to develop scalable and robust enterprise-grade AI services seamlessly integrated with professionally crafted enterprise applications engaging RESTful APIs.

These services are industry-specific and address the perfect solutions. We can efficiently perform the various mundane tasks, including customer or tech support, adequately emphasized to deliver personalized result-driven customer services via Facebook, Slack, and Skype messengers. We also provide Healthcare AI, Enterprise AI, Online Shopping Assistance, etc., to bestow the right customer-oriented outcomes.

We Offer:
  • Render effective services related to AI and ML, which helps the business to stand firm in the fiercely competitive market.
  • Our workforce emphasizes more productivity but in the cost-effective manner.
  • Our developers understand the specific need of the business and then outlined the detailed plan that will help the business in escalating.

Machine Learning

When it comes to Machine Learning, we support you authentically by analyzing the vast data and introducing your ethical strengths and potentials. The scope of improvements in operational efficiencies is taken into consideration, and operational risks are lowered.

Computer Vision

Ellocent actively participates in object detection, optical character recognition (OCR), face recognition, classification or recognition and tracking, content-based image retrieval (CBIR), and substantial development.

Natural Language Processing

Using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, Ellocent helps in deriving valuable elements from unstructured data and, thus, programs and analyses the vast data to cater to the expected consequences.

Cognitive Centre of Excellence

Our work procedure is intended to serve the customer needs through cognitive CoE, emphasizing evangelizing cognitive technologies, best practices, leadership, and support to extract valuable AI solutions.

Robotics Process Automation

We spotlight special attention towards the implementation and automation of different business zones and do take the honor of successfully delivering Robotic Process Automation Services in the most perfect and apparent way.

Robotics and drones

As far as Robotics and Drones are concerned, we hold incredible excellence in developing and programming robots and drones that act something extraordinary in terms of capturing images, maps, models, as well as analyzing data across diverse industries.

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In fact, nowadays, Machine and AI technologies play a crucial role in accelerating automation at a lightning pace. It also works wonderfully to translate business processes in the perfect sequence, reinventing the creative way to run, compete, and innovate palpably. And we at Ellocent Labs IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd follows all the state of the art technologies and strategies for providing quality and result-driven services to the clients. Hence, we are the most reliable and perfect option in the market for your business requirements.

  • Keep a keen eye on all the latest technology trends and always be enthusiastic about implementing them.
  • We have dedicated resources for all diversified projects so that we can deliver the best possible quality.
  • We work with innovative technology to create futuristic and feature-rich solutions for our precious clients.

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