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Ellocent is a thriving entity that presents smart and systematic Business Intelligence services. Our well-sequenced Business Intelligence infrastructures and practices — including information management, data quality, and data integration—help improve the business’ agility and productivity. Infact, we offer you the appropriate business analytics tailored finely from enterprise-class Business Intelligence solutions. We are potential enough to deliver the right information to the right person at the right time and in the right place. That’s what makes us unique.

When you are concerned about Business Intelligence, we ensure you provide a continuous and smooth flowy business using our productive cloud-based platform. We understand that the evolution and revolution in industry and the high competition and the challenging business environments require enterprises to adopt cloud technologies as it helps them remain agile and flexible and achieve higher outcomes. Moreover, we emphasize incorporating mobile and self-service capabilities and mitigating and correctly structuring substantial reporting platforms.

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BI Implementation and Integration

We provide you game-changing opportunities in terms of BI Implementation and Integration by fetching the erect insight into data from every nook and corner of your business. Also, we apply the trendiest features and construct the fixed goals of the company. 

Pentaho Development

We possess in-depth expertise of the BI software and applications and adorn our clients with well-equipped Pentaho development services and ensure them to incorporate successful deployment and development solutions in their BI initiatives.

Business Unit Optimization

At Ellocent, you can easily optimize consulting and professional services, adhered to competitive analysis, and drive desired buyer behavior to evaluate effective and alternative business models that bring the best results for your business.

Trend and Brand Analysis

Our experts help you maintain your competitive edge, identify emerging trends in your enterprise finances, gauge customers’ responses, simplify the process of collecting and analyzing critical data, market, invest, and administrate objective utilizing advanced and specialized statistical tools.

Customer and Client Analysis

We provide you a precise customer and client analysis that potentially analyses your brand-customer and their relevant touch-points to determine the magnitude of your customer relationships. It also reveals the points whichever are hindering or enhancing the progress of customers and give lifetime value.

Cost and Spend Analysis

As a leading Business Intelligence Services, we help the business entities to identify and realize savings opportunities and support you to take steps against actual cost reduction, value creation, and continual process improvement.

BI Consulting and Strategy

We present robust business intelligence (BI) strategy to prepare organizational data work and unlock the true potential. It helps you improve your operational efficiency, reduce BI costs, drive revenue, and deliver a superior customer experience.

Business Performance Analysis

We hold excellence in arming you with the business intelligence required to formulate decisions. It efficiently guides you regarding how to minimize internal costs, maximize the potential for bottom-line growth, and suggest that the right products and services need to be focused. 

Market Research

We possess an in-depth understanding of the target audience, competitors, market, industry trends, competitors’ strategies, innovations in the marketplace, etc. And thus, we help you formulate the robust development modeling and project evaluation, data mining and segmentation, market assessment, competitor analysis, industry trend forecasting, benchmarking, and a lot more.

Strategy and Forecasting

When we talk about strategy and forecasting, we present ourselves as well-versed players in strategic forecasting that efficiently support decisions about their future business, creating an estimate of future demand and marketing strategy, considering the historical data on sales of a product or service.

Budgeting & Planning

You will get the bonafide and well-structured budgeting and planning solutions, including growth areas, cash flow, competitors, and profit, that encourage you to concentrate resources required for improving profits, incrementing returns on investment, and reducing costs.

Financial Reporting

We understand the importance of accurate financial reporting, and precise financial statement preparation is highly significant for assessing the business’s economic performance. Thus, we fairly present accurate financial reports. 

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